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For the 2006 Holiday Season, Jenergy is returning with a beautiful assortment of handcrafted ornaments, which are perfect gifts for any occasion!  They not only look great on a Christmas tree, but they are also fun additions to windows, rear view mirrors or anywhere light can flow through them.  Customers have even put them on chains and ribbons and worn them as pendants!

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The size difference is much more apparent in person, but this is a way to compare them, side by side.  Mediums are posted online for sale at the moment, but the large sizes are being added and will be available for purchase soon!

How are they made?
Each ornament consists of two round glass pieces, placed back to back and attached with a stained glass copper taping procedure, in which solder is applied to the entire edge.  Before they are soldered together, Eastridge hand paints small torn pieces of tissue paper in beautiful combinations onto the back of one glass piece.  The fineness of the tissue paper allows light to flow through and also adds a wonderful element of texture to each ornament.

How do I clean my ornament?
Windex or any glass cleaner will brighten your ornament!  After all, it is made of glass!

How are the ornaments shipped?

All ornaments are carefully wrapped in bubble wrap and are shipped via United State Postal Service Priority Mail.

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