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Detail from "Silicone Worries"


Eastridge's "Femaliarity" Series illustrates a focus on issues that have become familar to some women, many of whom are friends and family members to us all. The nature of  this series seemed to assist in naming itself - "Femaliarity."  This is just the beginning of her "Femaliarity" works, as many more ideas and sketches have emerged since these initial constructs came about.  Eastridge hopes that women and men will look at these pieces and see beauty in all and find courage with every step taken. 

Each piece originated from a sketch which evolved into metals - specifically copper.  The green on each piece is a natural patina resulting from an application of a vinegar and salt solution to uncoated metal.  Each measures 2"x2" and has a 3-dimensional quality with its hand hammered, shaped, stamped, and soldered elements.

This series was originally created for an exhibition called, "Minumental," where each piece could be no larger than 2" x 2" in diameter. This annual event takes place at the Art Academy of Cincinnati's Expo Gallery and always inspires some very intriguing "little" pieces of art that have big impact.

Click on any photo below to view each piece "up close and personal."

"Caesarean Healings"
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"Remissive Thoughts"
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"Silicone Worries"
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"Fertile Feelings"
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Click on any photo above to view each piece "up close and personal."

Each piece in the "Femaliarity" Series:

  • has its title hand engraved on the back,
  • is hand signed by the artist
  • comes with a leather hanging strap (if one chooses to hang a piece on the wall)

See photo (right)

The worries and feelings that stir within oneself run rampant when physical change occurs (whether it is visible to the eye or not). Either way, it is felt and known. Eastridge salutes all women, men and children who have survived the physical and emotional struggles that accompany life, and will continue to work toward illustrating beauty in strength and change.  The struggles that run in each of us are much deeper than others realize, and maybe, just maybe, through authentic dialogue and unconditional love, we can make huge strides toward a better understanding of ourselves and one another.  Embrace diversity - embrace change.  It is what makes life just that.  Life.

Fore more information on this series, contact the artist.

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