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My artwork is created with as many mediums as it is inspirations.  I pull from the everyday “moments” which can be something as sincere as a boy’s stare to the natural blush of a bruised fruit.  The simplicities that fascinate and entertain me as a human being, drive me as an artist.  I will pick up paints on one day and torches on another, but all the same, I am creating my work.   My chisels chip, my brushes paint and torches solder, but all the same, it is me…my energy…my work…my love.

Artist Biography
Jen Eastridge earned her BFA from the Art Academy of Cincinnati in Art History and Museum Studies, with a minor in Sculpture.  She creates art in many mediums and enjoys exploring the beauty of color and texture in her work.   Eastridge enjoys nothing more than a day in the studio with sleeping dogs at her feet. 

Eastridge has permanently relocated back to Ohio from Michigan, where she resides and has her home studio in Hamilton. 

Click here to read more about Eastridge and her involvement with Art in the Community.

Eastridge is a proud member of the American Craft Council and the Dayton Visual Arts Center.

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 Jen inspecting buckeys in her back yard. Jen with bedhead at 5:30 a.m., stone gathering at low tide on the Oregon Coast.
These two photos captured Jen during art school days, working on her slides over a light table. Jen's hands in an Oxford creek, covered in mud found in the creekbed.  This was taken during a Miami Univiersity CraftSummer course Eastridge took with metalsmith, Susan Ewing.

Other tidbits

This has  been pinned to Jen's "inspiration" board in her studio for well over 10 years.  She loves Helen Frankenthaler's  work. "Kleo Sleeping"
Green pencil sketch
Eastridge's dogs provide a constant source of love and laughter in her life.

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