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"King Nebuchadnezzar"
Hanging Gardens of Babylon Exhibition
Krohn Conservatory, Eden Park, Cincinnati, Ohio

The following pieces are not available for purchase, but are displayed for portfolio purposes only. 
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"Out of the Wood and Into the Light"
Cottonwood, Bark
This was carved for the Cincinnati Civic Garden Center Sculpture Exhibition, which is where it won first place.  This figure's original bark, hugs her body.
"King Nebuchadnezzar"
Cottonwood, Raffia, Leather, Rope
Eastridge was invited to participate in this exhibition, called the "Hanging Gardens of Babylon." She was one of six participating artists, and the exhibition was held in the beautiful Krohn Conservatory in Cincinnati, Ohio's Eden Park.  When Eastridge was asked to sculpt her interpretation of the king, she quickly accepted the challenge.  He stands about 7.5 ft. tall, towering above all who walked through the gardens during this display.
According to accounts, the gardens were built to cheer up Nebuchadnezzar's homesick wife, Amyitis. Amyitis was married to Nebuchadnezzar to create an alliance between the nations. The land she came from, though, was green, rugged and mountainous, and she found the flat, sun-baked terrain of Mesopotamia depressing. The king decided to recreate her homeland by building an artificial mountain with rooftop gardens, which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. 

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