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Detail of "Wall Weaving"
One can see the seagrass rope, first woven through the slats of wood horizontally, followed by various shades of leather strips woven vertically throughout the rope.

The following pieces are not available for purchase, but are displayed for portfolio purposes only. 
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"Wall Weaving"
Wood, Tar , Seagrass Rope, Leather
This piece started in the trash...literally.  Eastridge found the beautifully tarred and worn wood pieces in very rickety condition, tossed in the trash of a Mt. Adams gallery.  Once it reached her hands, it quick became the object of her obsession (OCD can benefit an artist on occasion - more than one).  She enjoys it every day as it hangs in the artist's home.
"Bean Pod Hammock"
Rope, Raffia, Leather, Bean Pods
This hammock hung in the gallery's corner.  The bean pods squirming their way in and out of the hammock almost seemed alive.  This was a life-size hammock, although the piece was not meant to hold people ~ just bean pods.

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