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Jen lounging on her "Stair Pillows" installation
Crushed corn, tulle

Eastridge takes great pleasure in encouraging others to "get involved" with art.  Feel it, make it, enjoy it.  Granted, this could pose a problem if done in the wrong environment (or museum) but when the opportunity provides itself - go for it.  Below are some interactive pieces that Eastridge has displayed, in addition to her Sleeping Figures

The following pieces are not available for purchase, but are displayed for portfolio purposes only. 
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"Stair Pillows"
These stair pillows were custom-made for the entry stairway of the former Art Academy of Cincinnati Mt. Adams building.  Each of the long stairs was covered with a translucent pillow sewn out of brown tulle. Each was then filled with crushed corn.  Everyone who entered was encouraged to taken their shoes off and enjoy the therapeutic experience of climbing the ever-shifting waves of grain.  Unfortunately, the Cincinnati Fire Marshall was called on Eastridge and it had to be uninstalled the following day because it was deemed a safety hazard.  Just one of the "issues" one runs up against at times.  Even though it was brief, it was thoroughly enjoyed by the tired feet of many faculty members and students.  It also intimidated others, who walked all the way around to the side of the building so as to avoid any new experience.  Eastridge is sorry for their loss.

"Stair Pillows" Detail
Crushed corn, tulle

Jen following the installation of the "Stair Pillows"
"Sponge Carving Installation"
As part of Eastridge's Sleeping Figures exhibition, she installed an interactive area below a window in the Chidlaw Gallery, where anyone was encouraged to carve his/her own sponge sculpture.  The sketch (right) depicts how colorful household sponges were piled against the wall with pairs of safety scissors.  The photos of the gallery floor (after the opening reception) and the window which was directly above the installation, both capture the fun had by all.  Some took them home, others left theirs as a part of the show, but they were all definitely enjoyed.

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