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One of many 1st grader glass mosaic plates hanging in
the front lobby at Adams Elementary, Hamilton, Ohio.

Eastridge has been fortunate enough to be involved in several community art projects.  Click the project names below to read more on each.
Pictured right is the new "Community Garden" mosaic sign which Eastridge created and donated to the West Middle School Community Garden in Ypsilanti, where she is a plot gardener!  The piece is waiting further consult with other gardeners, who happen to have skills in carpentery and engineering  before grouting and mounting.  New pics will be posted when the sign goes into its final place!

MosaicComGardenHoriz.jpg (93421 bytes)
Click this photo to see larger

  • Adams Elementary Artist-in-Residence Program
  • CHALKart,  Webster Street Market, Dayton, Ohio
  • CultureWorks - Dayton Opera commissioned project
  • Art with Kids & Students over the years:
    • Internship at the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati, Ohio (Spring/Summer 1994)
      - Developed lesson plans and led hands-on activities for Teacher Tuesdays
      - Worked at CAC's Summer Art Camp for Kids, which included developing and leading daily art projects (including a mosaic project), and supervising camp kids during day, as well as during drop-off and pick-up.
      - Developing lesson plans for classrooms K-12, coordinating with the , at the time, current CAC photography exhibition by southern, African-American female photographer, Carrie Mae Weems.  This exhibition-coordinated curriculum series is on file with Polaroid's Education Program. 
    • Working at Art Academy of Cincinnati's Summer Art Camp (1993)
    • "Art on the Square" in Cincinnati, Ohio: working with two high school artists to complete cooperative design and painting of sidewalk art.
    • Eastridge's Senior Show at Art Academy of Cincinnati's Chidlaw Gallery, where the pieces were interactive and invited to be touched including carved, scented soaps, a large, sleeping wooden figure serving as a bench and a tall stack of sponges and safety scissors, mounted on walls for adults and children, alike, to pick up, start cutting and join in on the fun.
    • Volunteering with Garfield Alternative Education Center's Parent Involvement project. Middletown, Ohio (1994-96)
      - Develop hands-on activities (Fimo Clay, paints, etc.) to lead with parent/student/teacher groups
    • Teach art at Garfield Alternative Education Center in Middletown, Ohio (ages 14-21) as a long-term substitute position (October 96-June 97)
      - Established Art Club, GAEC's first successful after-school extracurricular club, involving parents, a mural project in the school, as well as museum visits and gallery openings. 
    • Judged Middletown High School's annual student art show (2002, 2003 - Manchester School's Art Show 2004)
    • Guest teach high school art classes at Middletown High School with Mo Evingham (teacher) and John Moon (friend and comic book illustrator) (2004, 2005)

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