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CultureWorks - Dayton Opera commissioned project, CultureWorks Auction 2006, Dayton, Ohio
The bold colors and patterns of this chest were inspired by the touring performance of Madame Butterfly, in which the sets and costumes were designed by popular, contemporary Japanese artist, Jun Kaneko.  Below are a few of Kaneko’s set and costume sketches for Madame Butterfly that Eastridge looked to for inspiration.

The original pencil sketch (right) included the image of the bleeding sun, which appears on one of Kaneko's set sketches (not shown) but was trumped by a shiny, solid blue surface in the end (the hardware would have visually interfered with the original design which wasn't an issue with a solid field of color).

Congratulations and much thanks goes to Don & Sue Zulanch, the winning bidders of the opera chest!

Click any thumbnail to see larger.  The set sketch set the tone for the color choices, as well as the treatment for the sides of the chest.  The costumes influenced the balance that Eastridge tried to achieve with this design.
All images above are copyrighted property belonging to the artist, Jun Kaneko and are used as visual references only.

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